Students Without Boundaries 2012 - Program

Every year the Rakoczi Foundation organizes the Students Without Boundaries (SWB) Program for talented youth from Central-East Europe. The program has been running since 1994. Its main objective is to promote peaceful coexistence among Central Eastern European nations. We firmly believe that the group that can do the most for this goal is young people. The project emphasizes that the coexistence of nations in CEE countries must not depend on political winds, but rather on person-to-person relationships.

Students Without Boundaries

Students Without Boundaries is a unique Educational Scholarship Program that brings together bright students from throughout East-Central Europe. The goal is simple: to shatter the myths and misconceptions that have caused endless strife in the area by opening the hearts and minds of deserving young people, the very people who will be the builders of the new Central-East Europe. Students Without Boundaries is for young people who live in Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania.