Letters from the participants

The Foundation receives hundreds of letters from the youth after participating in the Students Without Bundaries Program. The 17 days study tour offers real new perspectives for them and ensures them that they are never alone in their fight for a better World.
I returned home
with only wonderful memories of
the two-week program. I'm so grateful and happy that I could be there,
I could take part in and learn so many new experiences. And of course,
the new
friends - never have I had so many friends from outside of my country!
K. Tamas, Transylvania, Romania

In our cruel world, I can't express how
it is to feel the outstretched hands of your wonderful work. My
son has
not stopped talking about the program since he returned home. He's
told me many
times, "See mother, people can be kind. "Thank you so much!
Mrs. K. Ripli, Voivodina, Yugoslavia

I've taken part in other programs for young
people my
age, one that was this interesting, this well organized and
where I learned
so much. I don't know all the wonderful people and organizations that
put the program together, but please pass on my special thanks to them
as well....
even now, I can't look at a photograph of the group without having
tears well
up in my eyes from the many happy memories.
M. Nagy, Ukraine

If I had to describe the program in one or two
words it
would be: love and caring. We were surrounded by it, and
received so
much in the day-to-day operation of the program. I still can't imagine
how our
instructors and guides could give so much, of themselves and their
Taking part has changed my outlook on life!
J. Poor, Slovakia